The butcher shop

Good Meat, a subject Beefbar knows by heart.

Today sees the furtherance of the Beefbar brand with the launch a new concept of high-end butchers: The Beefbar Butcher Shop. For the first time, meat and charcuterie emblematic of the Beefbar menu are available for purchase in this next generation of butchers. With expert advice from our in house butcher, our customers can choose from famous cuts — fillet, prime rib, rib-eye, sirloin — of our exclusive meats.

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Certified Wagyu Beef

Most delicate flavour in the world matched with a unique tenderness, Japanese meats are hailed as the best meats in the world. We not only offer Kobe beef but also those from other exceptional regions.

Origin Cut Price
Japan Fillet 679,00 €/kg
Japan Striploin 450,00 €/kg

Black Angus Beef “Premium Marble Reserve”

Bred to the same requirements as Japanese Kobe, and grain-fed for 300 days, the Black Angus Australian beef has a remarkable level of marbling, a clear sign of extremely tender meat and an exquisite flavour.

Origin Cut Price
Australia Fillet 127,00 €/kg
Australia Rib-Eye 95,00 €/kg

Black Angus Beef US Prime & Choice

Originally from the Midwest, the US Black Angus beef is hormone free and is corn-fed for 120 days. This meat, much appreciated by connoisseurs, is the best in terms of tenderness and quality.

Origin Cut Price
USA Fillet 95,00 €/kg
USA Rib-Eye 79,00 €/kg
USA Bavette 54,00 €/kg

Angus Beef

Grass fed and raised in the open air, this young beef has a more fibrous texture. A low fat, where its flavour is pronounced and delicate.

Origin Cut Price
Argentina Fillet 84,00 €/kg
Argentina Rib-Eye 59,00 €/kg

Milk Fed Veal

The breeding of this high-quality veal is based on the well-being, nutrition and its motility. The result is a delicate and tender veal, with a very light colour and un individual taste.

Origin Cut Price
Europe Fillet 57,00 €/kg


Type Price
Cecina 64,00 €/kg
Kobe Cecina 490,00 €/kg
Patanegra 195,00 €/kg